soul calibur cosplayThis cosplay is dedicated to a video game Soul Calibur 2. The beautiful character Cassandra Alexandra was one of the main game icons. She was sent to destroy the Soul Edge, a cursed sword, by her own, and this mighty girl doesn’t have to rely on her weapon powers or on Hephaestus, because she has an outstanding physical strength. This hot and tempting girl wears traditional Greek attire, though in the further games of the series, her clothes were changed into a dress and tights. The famous for her authentic anime costumes, a porn cosplayer Francesca Dani has replicated Cassandra’s outfit in minute detail. The blue-and-white attire and a pink tie, the buckler and the huge sword look awesomely identical to the Japanese prototype, Cassandra Alexandra. Francesca has also a gift to express exact character’s feelings in her uniform porn works, and she’s being a wild and tempting anime fighter right now.

soul calibur porn

Taking different aggressive and passive stances, attacking and defending, this gorgeous babe looks marvelous, and her long sword points at all the porn videos amateurs, like if the porn cosplayer was ordering them to watch her xxx videos. Though, the porn cosplay model has some more enticing powers, than the original character, and she’s eager to use them to pull in a huge audience. Her tight dress allows us see how big and elastic are her breasts, long legs are widely spread to keep the balance, and you can notice sexy lingerie under the girl’s skirt. Finally, the beautiful and hot porn cosplay model starts to take off her delicious clothes, to expose the amazing well-fit body she owns. Her smooth and soft skin, nice round breasts and a tight belly get uncovered, while she still behaves like a Soul Calibur video game character Cassandra. Looking at you with a challenging expression, this proud anime character doesn’t hesitate of her nudity, and even enjoys being watched.

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